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Van Laar B-flat trumpet (1999)

Van Laar C trumpet (2003)

Yamaha Piccolo trumpet (2003)

Yamaha Piccolo trumpet with custom made third-valve trigger by Hub van Laar. On the photo the instrument is pictured in A. With a seperate mouthpipe, it is also playable in B-flat.

Besson (Parijs) Cornet (1899)

An antique Besson (Paris) cornet, model Soliste. This cornet was build around 1899 during the golden age of cornet playing. Original there was probably also a mouthpipe for A, but this one is lost.

Van Laar Flugelhorn (2001)

Jupiter Soprano trombone (2004)

Egger Baroque Trumpet (2006)

Egger Baroque Trumpet in F (2007)

Natuurtrompet van Graham Nicholson (2007), kopie van J.L. Ehe (1746)

Christopher Monk Cornetto (2005)

Indiase Shell trumpet (2006)

Kul Kul (Bull's Horn) from Chili (2006)